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Chimney Sweeping – We provide exceptional chimney sweeping services for all of your needs from fireplaces and wood stoves to furnace flues. This service includes a visual inspection (Level 1) of your chimney to assure your system is working properly. Our technicians will leave your house with our no soot/no mess guarantee along with the peace of mind that your chimney system was maintained by one of our professional sweeps.
Chimney Caps – We use top quality Gelco chimney caps in stainless steel or copper. Chimney caps prevent rain, animals and debris from entering your chimney. All of our chimney caps include a stainless steel spark arrestor welded right into the cap to prevent against airborne embers and sparks. Custom sizes are also available and every cap comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
Chimney Chase Covers – We offer stainless steel or copper chimney chase covers for your wood chimney with a pre-fabricated fireplace. Most of the chase covers on Cape Cod are made out of galvanized metal that rots out after only a few years. Let us install an all stainless steel or copper cover to ease your mind. All covers are custom made to your chimney dimensions.
Chimney Damper Top Sealing Dampers – We provide Lyemance top sealing dampers as an alternative for a masonry damper. A Lyemance top damper can be up to 10 times more efficient in preventing heat loss than a new throat damper. They are made of aluminum so they won’t rust or warp. With a quick tug on the chain it opens and closes easily. It takes a short time to install and is usually less expensive than a conventional damper. Chimney Damper
Stove & Fireplace Installations – Sandwich Chimney Sweep offers wood burning stove installations. Whether it is a hearth stove or an insert our professional installer/owner can do the job for you. Every installation is custom designed for your individual fireplace. We also offer gas stove and insert installations but you will need a licensed plumber to make the gas connections. We can also install your pre-fabricated/zero clearance factory built fireplace system. With over 30 years experience with stove and fireplace venting there isn’t a system we can’t install.
Metalbestos Chimneys

Metalbestos Chimneys – Need a chimney for your new heating system or wood stove? Why go through the expense of a masonry chimney when you can have a pre-fabricated chimney installed for less money and less time. This all fuel chimney pipe will meet all of your heating needs whether it is wood, gas or oil

Metalbestos Chimneys

Bellfire Fireplace Systems – Conventional fireplaces have zero efficiency. The Bellfire fireplace systems are the finest heat producing open fireplaces to be found. They are capable of producing maximum heat with minimal wood. Ask today how you can experience the Bellfire advantage.

Stainless Steel Liners – Chimney fires happen and when they do a stainless steel chimney liner is the least expensive yet most efficient way to repair a damaged flue liner. If you have an old, unlined chimney it can in most cases be lined with a stainless steel liner. We offer the very best, heavy walled 4-ply stainless steel liner system available, as well as all the components to make your liner complete. All our liners carry a lifetime guarantee with wood use. Sandwich Chimney Sweep can handle all of your relining needs.

Water Repellents – We provide the best in water repellents available today! If you have had your roof or flashing repaired or inspected and find that you cannot find a solution to your water leak, it could be that your chimney is in need of a water repellent. Masonry chimneys are porous and soak up water like a sponge. By having us apply ChimneySaver, we can prevent water from damaging your chimney or damaging the interior walls of your home. ChimneySaver is not like most products you will find in your local hardware store. Waterproofing sealers can remain on the surface and trap water vapors. ChimneySaver actually penetrates deep into the bricks to protect your chimney from destructive water penetration. And it comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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